Infiniti Process

Our Process

Step 1: Consultation

An initial Consultation is required for all “New Projects”. It is during this time where important details about your photography project are discussed. Such as:

  • Names, emails & phone numbers
  • Precise description of project
  • Suggested time & money budgets
Since we are an event-based company, most of the work we perform will be scheduled. If we are available and interested in your project, we will send you through to Step 2.

Step 2: Planning

Now that we’ve agreed that we can work together, we must come together to develop a detailed plan on what is to be done, when, where and for how much? The plans established in this phase will eventually be turned into a contract which will identify exactly what it is to be done & delivered. Once we have agreement with the client and a signed contract, we are able to begin Step 3. Financing available!

Step 3: Implementation

Once we have a signed contract in place, the customer will be provided with a POC they can contact and who will be in constant contact with them to workout definite schedules and plans. This is a period in which communication is key. It is our goal that each client’s expectations are being met at all times.
Now that we have concrete plans in place, it’s now time for Step 4.

Step 4: Execution

This is the phase where we actually perform the work. The work may be in the form of a video/photo shoot or audio recording session. This phase also includes any post editing that must be performed. Once the Audio Track is complete, it is ready for the last and final step.

Step 5: Management

For short term projects, management will include:

  • Ensuring deliverable is received (The customer receives high quality edited MP3, MP4, JPEG or other formated media outlined in the contract)
  • Ensuring customer's satisfaction
  • Ensuring payments are made
  • Ensuring customer's project is archived correctly for later retrieval if necessary
Example of short term projects is, Birthday parties, Weddings, Videos, Photos, Website Design.
For Long Term Projects, management will include everything mentioned above plus a systematic SOP for continued work for specified amount of time.