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About Us

Infiniti Entertainment Inc. (lEI) is an American entertainment agency headquartered in Decatur, AL. IEI combines the functions and efforts of content producers and management professionals to offer one-stop shop solutions for:

Talent Buyers

Recruiters, Business Owners, Event Planners, Promoters, and others who have a verified need for dependable talent.

Talent Providers

Individuals and Groups who are seeking employment opportunities.

General Audiences

Individuals who only want professional level entertainment services Ex.) Photo shoots, Event Planning, Multi- Media Production.

Our Structure

IEI has 2 main departments:

Content Production

Our MVP Department (Music, Video & Photography) is our digital production center which may use one or all three of these functions in your project or event.


Our Management Department takes care of other necessary business functions for ourselves and our clients. This department performs the following:

  • Legal*
  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Sales & Service
  • Planning & Management
  • Marketing(Includes Website & Social Media)

Meet our CEO/President

Hi! My name is Dorthea Yarbrough and I’m so excited you’ve found us! Over the past 13 years, IEI has been helping entrepreneurs just like you to tell their story. Rather through music, videos, photos, events or written content, my team and I are there for you. We’re Interested in Your Success! Wherever you are in your business/career journey, we’re here to help.

Best Regardes,
Dorthea M. Yarbrough - CEO/President
Infiniti Entertainment Inc.
US Army Veteran
E-MBA – University of Alabama

Make more money in your current career or profession.

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